“Waste Not”

Imperfect produce.png

As Ben Simon humbly expresses, “People don’t realize how much food we waste here in this country”. The Imperfect Produce founder has established an opportunity to provide a life-changing platform to change the way we consume our local produce.  He reminds us all of the responsibility we have to a sustainable economy and agriculture even in the time of growing market demands and increasing population.

“America wastes 40% of our food…20% of America’s produce never make it off the farm because of small cosmetic challenges” Simon continues—is an alarming reality of a skewed market perception and consumer excess. The negative economic and environmental impact perhaps is a wake up call for us to make fruitful strides from a growing issue. I definitely appreciate  a “reduced price” bag of slightly bruised and an oddly shaped tomatoes on the isolated “reject”tray of produce items—It’s not as bad as it seems. Being part of the solution means to overlook nature’s blemishes. After all, we  crave compassion even as imperfect beings.


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